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Decorative Accessories

  1. Heart Eyes Footed Vase
  1. Teal Handmade Glass Vases
  1. Marble & Gold Bird Statues
  1. Pink Chevron Glass Vase
  1. Red Glass Lidded Candle
  1. Mummy Pillow
  1. Wood and Silver Metal Vases
  1. Spiral Taper Candles
  1. Frosted Sea Green Glass Candle Holder
  1. Cobalt Glass Candle Holders
  1. Blue Alabaster Glass Tray
  1. Silver Hourglass
  1. Self-Watering Planter
  1. Flamingo Head Wall Decoration
    Sold Out
  1. Glass Bubble Orb
  1. Decorative Wood Gift Box
  1. Etched Glass Decanter with Silver Stopper
  1. Etched Glass Decanters
  1. Hanging Fern
  1. Clear Recycled Glass Vase
  1. Black Matte Glass Orbs
  1. Faux Sansevieria Potted Plant